How To Choose A Graphic Design Agency

Have you heard of the Goldilocks Zone? It’s the habitable zone around a star, like our own sun,
where the temperature is just right – not too hot and not cold.
OK, we know what you’re thinking. Thanks, Neil deGrasse Tyson, but how does this little
astrobiology factoid apply to choosing a graphic design agency? That’s a great question and we’re
glad you asked. Basically, if you’re someone looking to hire someone to do your graphic design
you’ve got three options:

A design freelancer
So, your old school friend on Facebook has a friend that is a designer. His portfolio looks pretty
good, although it’s lacking in bigger clients. Although hiring a freelancer can work, the major
drawback is that they’re a one-man show and are limited to their own expertise. There is no team
to bounce things off and they’re often juggling multiple projects alone. You might end up at the
back of the queue.

A large agency
When you have something important to do there’s a tendency to want call in the big guns. The
problem is that agencies tend to design by committee. They have established protocols so its
unlikely that you’ll get something unique. Plus, there are the extra layers of costs that get hidden in
obscure line items on your invoice (Those fancy glass-fronted offices don’t pay for themselves, you

The Goldilocks zone
Then there’s the Goldilocks zone, the place with the agility of the freelancer combined with the
resources of the established agency (cue heavenly music and a ray of light): the boutique agency.
A small boutique agency has a hand-picked team of people that can deliver big agency results with
freelancer agility. Check out our portfolio of work to see how we balance the big thinking with
attention to detail to get things just right.