Have you ever watched a movie with a lot of CGI – it feels kind of off, right? It lacks depth. Feeling. Authenticity. The escapism is lost. It’s no wonder filmmakers are returning to traditional film-making practices. Raw, ungraded film brings a textured quality to screen. It’s unforgiving. Real. Believable. The same qualities apply to print design. Nothing beats a curated print design. Its tactical form offers a timeless quality – a rarity in toady’s competitive digital world.

Why Choose Print Design?

1. Medium Matters
The difference between average design and great design is the careful and deliberate consideration of the medium as part and parcel of the design process and purpose. Repurposing the same design across both print and digital platforms may seem quicker, easier, and more cost effective – but are the results as effective? Great design is calculated, well thought out, purposeful and targeted. This means considering which medium best suits the desired message or call to action. While digital advertising certainly has its advantages, print advertising offers a tangible and personable quality that cannot be replaced.

2. Print Design Demands Attention
In today’s competitive digital world, the consumer’s attention economy has worn thin. Print advertising offers a refreshing take to the fast scrolling dopamine pinging delights of the online world. Print advertising is tactile, engaging and interactive. And so naturally, holds our attention and curiosity.

3. Print Design is Permanent
While the online advertising space continues to grow in popularity, it remains somewhat fleeting and ephemeral. Print advertising on the other hand offers a more permanent fixture. And in some instances, can remain as effective and as relevant throughout the passage of time.