Ahoy! Looking to join our wall of fame? From Los Angeles to Lusaka, Navy Creative has sailed the seven seas, and worked on some of the world’s most iconic brands. Whether you’re looking to refresh your next print advertising campaign or need new packaging designs for your upcoming product launch, Navy Creative is the wind behind your sails, moving your brand forward.

Welcome on board the Navy Ship – a full-service advertising agency in Cape Town, South AfricaNavy Creative specialise in above and below-the-line print and outdoor advertising. How can we help you?

Print Advertising: They say that print is dead. Not in our Moleskine books. In fact, print has never been more alive and kicking. From billboards to brochures, print media is here to stay. Check out some of our latest print advertising campaigns – it’s a guaranteed page-turner!

Logo Design: Kerning. Tracking. X-Height. Sound like Gibberish? Then you’re at the right place. At Navy Creative, we do the design thinking for you, so that you don’t have to. You do you. And let Navy Creative do what we do best. Check out some of our latest logo designs.

Packaging Design: Okay, fine. We admit it. We buy wine based on their label designs. There! We said it! As uncultured as that may seem, we’re suckers for killer packaging designs. Hi, we’re Navy Creative, and we’re addicted to spot UV, foiling, and Reeves Design paper stock. Check out some of our latest packaging designs.

Brand Communication: At Navy Creative, we have a 6th sense about design – kind of like super heroes, but we wear our underwear inside, not on top. Brand communication is more than just a visual identity. It’s tactile. Audible. And if you’re like our in-house studio pet Chihuahua, Bug, you can taste and smell it too. But most importantly, effective brand communication is strategic, requiring insight and design thinking that is deliberate, determined and targeted. Check out some of our latest brand communication campaigns.